How to Create Amazing Dance Promotional Posters

Recently I photographed the Allegria Dance Company Concert Posters – they are a local dance studio and every year they have an end-of-year concert. This is a behind the scenes (BTS) look at the photo shoot to create these promotional posters – So much FUN!

I love the concepts that they come up with every year. This year the theme is Vaudeville.


Small Studio – No Problem! 

Here are some of the more interesting shots – notice how we got creative with the background in my small studio. Reminds me of a saying “Do the best you can with what you have got – no excuses!”

IMG_3441p IMG_3276p IMG_3492p IMG_3298p IMG_3451web IMG_3205p IMG_3456p IMG_3504p

Cleopatra Before and After:

Using a small studio – we can still create big things!


Cell Block Tango – Before & After:

Another great concept from the girls at Allegria Dance Company!

cellblock-before-afterWhat do you thinkof this photo shoot, do you like the Behind the Scenes video and blog? Please leave comments below.

Cheers, Brent

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