A Photography Tip I think you’ll love!

How to take pictures using a single natural light-source.
In this video I’m going to show you how to photograph a model (Natasha) as she poses and turns her body away from a single natural light source. Enjoy!

Highlights from this video:

0:07 – Model posing using 1 light source (natural light)
0:33 – What’s the best angle?
1:10 – One Light Photography tip

One Natural Light Source

Diffused light is coming through a door on the models left hand side. See how the light falls on her body as she turns away from the light source.


Best Way to Pose a Fit Model

Find out where the light is best on Natasha’s body: Have a look at how the lights falls on her body, starting from looking at the light source and then ending with her posing away from the light source.

  1. Is it towards the light source?
  2. A little bit towards the camera? 
  3. In front facing the camera?
  4. A little bit past the camera? 
  5. Away from the light?

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Turning Model Away from Light-Source

  • Find the model’s position where there’s an optimum emphasis on the best part of the model’s physique.
  • In posing, ask your model to pose with knees together to show her curves.

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Optimum Position = 90 Degrees to Light

Natasha is a super-fit model and to show off one of her best features (her midriff), I positioned her at about 90 degrees to the light source.

In this position her six-pack is the most prominent and most impressive.

(how many people do you know – have a belly like that – I’m working on mine 🙂 )


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Model: Natasha Selkrig
Still Photography: Damian Lloyd of seasaltstudios.com
Makeup and Styling: Kara Murphy of beautifyme.com.au

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