Behind the Scenes Look

Would you like to know what happens in a model photoshoot? Here is a behind the scenes look at a model photo shoot.

Highlights from this video:
0:21 Makeup Preparation for the model
0:59 Preparations done before the photoshoot
1:35 Location for the shoot
1:50 Lens I’m using to bring focus on the model’s eyes
2:21 Actual Shoot
3:14 Couple of Images from the photoshoot

Makeup Preparation for our Model -Michaela

Hey guys, as you can see we have my model, Michaela here. Have a look at her face; everything is looking beautiful. My makeup artist, Abbey Sidorow, has done a great job in doing her makeup. We’ve got a specific image that we’re going for, so this should be a lot of fun.

Abbey Face-Painting (She is a true Artist – not just a makeup artist)

I wanted to show you a little bit about the preparation that goes into photographing a model. It’s not just getting a beautiful model and having her pose for you. There’s quite a lot of preparations to be done before we even pull out our camera.

Location & Lens Choice for Best Images

I brought Michaela outside the studio where there’s some green foliage in the background.
I’m using a 135mm f/2 lens, which has a very shallow depth of field. That’s what I wanted to capture. I want Michaela’s eyes to be in focus, but the rest of the face to be out of focus.

Changing my Angle of View

I’m getting her to lean forward and look up at me. I’ve got a little stool that I’m standing on while I photograph her. I’ve also photographed her with an 85mm f1.8 lens.

Final Result – What do you Think?

There you go. I hope you learned something about the behind the scenes model photoshoot preparations. Please comment below if you have questions about doing a model photoshoot. I’ll respond to them personally.
What do you think? Brent

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