Poses and Emotions

How Body-Language can totally change an photograph!
In this lesson, you will learn about posing, body language and what makes an image ROCK!!!

Highlights of this video:

0:20 – Model pose one position
0:30 – Change body position

Capturing Different Emotions in Each Pose

A slight change in Lara’s pose can drastically change the image. It could be a little tilting of her head or a little arching of her back. It will totally change the feeling of the image.
To really capture the attention of the people that will look at your photos, presenting them something that appeals to their emotions is key.
Check out the photos below and see how the images change as the model, Lara changes her leg position. Remember to click on the images to see them LARGE!

WR6A4285 WR6A4287
WR6A4289 WR6A4291

Which one do you like the most? Please leave me comments below – I always answer them. (for me it’s numbers 2 and 3 that really appeal to me, but that’s just my opinion)

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