Why I used an Off-Camera Flash in the Wilderness

In this blog & video, lets have a look at why I decided to use a diffused flash in the wilderness when shooting a model.

Watch this video…

Highlights of this video:

0:30 – Setup I’m using
1:12 – Shooting with the light-source
1:21 – Image without light-source (YUK!)
1:55 – Move the lights to a different place
2:16 – Explanation of light source and diffusor

Results Speak for themselves!

Why go to all that trouble to hike into the wilderness carrying an extra light-stand, off-camera strobes, umbrella with diffusor and radio triggers?
Well – checkout the difference here… (Remember to click on the images to see them LARGE!)
WR6A4355 WR6A4354
Image on left has no flash, image on right has flash!

Adding a touch of studio-lighting to an outdoor shoot

I love shooting outdoors, especially in a beautiful area like the blue mountains near Sydney. With this shoot I wanted to combine the control and lighting I get in a studio with the beautuful backgrounds I find in nature. See how I’m using the ambient light (shade) as the background light and then using the artificial light to enhance the model, so that she is a touch lighter than the background and really draws the viewers eyes to her?
Here is how I did it:

  • Choose a beautiful location!
  • Shoot some test shots with the model, posing in different locations
  • Find the best spot for the final images
  • Setup light source close enough to model – but not in the shot
  • Balance the artificial light with the ambient light (this might take a few shots to get right)
  • Shoot away, try different poses
  • Be sensitive to your surroundings, tread lightly – take only pictures.

Take a look at these gorgeous images – click on the images to see them LARGE!
WR6A4357 WR6A4356
Which do you think had the fill flash added? (left or right?)

Secrets to posing models!

There are more techniques for model photo shoots waiting for you!

Here’s the 3 Step Model Flow-Pose to start with full of great lessons for both the photographer and the model. 

Check it out! [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
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Here is another image I really liked.

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