Why a Reflector is a MUST with natural light photography

When do you need a reflector? In this video, I show you why you need a reflector and what the images look like with a reflector and without one.

This video will show you how to use natural light with a reflector to photograph a beautiful model.

Highlights of this video:

1:05 – With and without a reflector: photo comparison
1:10 – Reflecting the light back into the shadows

Glamour with a Reflector!

Natural light photography (using a single light source) is a great way to create stunning images of your model. However, there are times when it leaves areas of the model’s body in shadows. This is when a Reflector comes in handy!

When taking pictures using a single light source, ask these questions:

  • Does her face need light?
  • What about the rest of her body?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, use a Reflector.

Look at the following images. Which picture do you like the most?
Remember to click on the images to ENLARGE them!

AM5Q5662 AM5Q5661 AM5Q5663

How about in these closeup photos? See where I used the reflector.

AM5Q5667 AM5Q5665 AM5Q5666

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Model: Natasha Selkrig
Still Photography: Damian Lloyd of seasaltstudios.com
Makeup and Styling: Kara Murphy of beautifyme.com.au

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