Using nature to help you tell the story

In this blog & video, I will teach how to use natural elements (wind and sun) to make the most of a model photo shoot. Lets see what images I come away with.

Watch this video…

Highlights of this video:

1:06 – Finding the perfect position of the sun for beautiful lighting.
1:59 – Positioning the model correctly to show the curves of her body.
2:10 – Model movements with the wind in photography (Natural Elements)

Knowing how to work with your surroundings to capture beautiful images is a great skill to have as a photographer.

Take advantage of your beautiful surroundings!

Nature has its way of showing us its beauty. It’s something that no photo editing software or studio background can do. Being able to be one with your surroundings and using them to creating a masterpiece is a gift. So how do you take advantage your natural elements to enhance the photo shoot (and the finished images)?

  • Choose a location that is breath-taking beautiful!
  • Let the natural elements guide you. Where is the sun, which angle is the wind coming from?
  • Be sensitive to your surroundings, tread lightly – take only pictures.

Take a look at these gorgeous images…
Remember to click on the images to see them LARGE!

WR6A4245 WR6A4243 WR6A4252

 WR6A4249 WR6A4254 WR6A4266

See how the sun and the wind add beautiful details to Lara’s body and face? Do you like the way the sunlight adds so much more emotion to these pictures as it pierces through Lara’s hair?

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