Ever Forgotten Someones Name?

Have you ever been in a photoshoot where you photograph people – portraits or weddings – and you forget someone's name?

Maybe you forgot the bride's and groom's name? Or even the parents of the kids you're photographing? What about all those kids' names? Let's say there's five kids in the photoshoot, how do you remember everyone's names?

Getting their Attention

How do you get their attention if you don't know their names? Nothing is worse than photographing a family or photographing a portrait shoot or weddings and you forgotten someone's name. 

Highlights from this video:
0:06 My method to remember names
1:07 Writre it down – In order
1:14 Stick it on top of the flash

My Method – to Remember Names

In this quick photography tip, I'm going to tell you a little secret that I've been using for years to get me through some sticky situations. I'm going to show you a method that I use to remember people's names while in the middle of a shoot. 

Write it Down – In Order (Oldests to Youngest)

I got this little method where I use a little sticky label and I write everyone's names in there.

I write them from oldest to youngest; I write the parents' names at the top and I go all the way down to the youngest kid on the bottom. In that way, if I forget someone's name, it would be easy for me to just look at the flash and check the names.

Too Many Things to Remember?

See, when I'm on a photoshoot, I'm trying to remember all about shutter speed, aperture, composition, getting the kids' attention, how the background light is doing, wether the wind's blowing in their face. I may have forgotten someone's name. It's really easy for me to just look at the flash and read the names of the people I'm photographing.

Make it a Habit – Safety Backup

I use it for every single shoot that I do. It's kind of my little safety backup if I forget people's names. It's quite tough to do a shoot, so I make sure it's one of the things I have in every portrait or wedding shoot I do. I make sure I've got everyone's names on the top of my camera flash. 

Feedback Please 🙂

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Have a great day! Brent


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