Lightroom Image Retouch to Achieve that Magic Feeling

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to enhance the photo that you’ve taken with your camera using a few simple techniques in lightroom. I’ll show you how to make the colors pop out vibrantly and make the image more realistic. Enjoy!

Highlight of this video:
2:00 – Image color and highlight editing
2:34 – Clarity & vibrance sliders (not too much!)
3:15 – Luminance to darken the mountains
3:40 – Detail sharpening and noise reduction
4:14 – Lens correction (love this one!)
5:07 – Effects editing
6:18 – Radial filter – the secret weapon!

Lightroom Photo Editing

So why do we need to edit this image?
Possibly the most important part of photography is to create an emotion within the viewer just by looking at your pictures, and the original image was very un-inspiring to me.
The goal is to produce an image that has impact, and conveys the feeling you had when you were taking the shot. When we did this photoshoot with Lara, it was early in the morning and it was cold. Her face was a bit purple just because of the color temperature in the camera.

Skin tones are very important in model images!

I wanted to make her skin tone look really good eliminating the imperfections and capture the coolness of the morning so when people view this image they would also feel the coolness of the morning while the sun gently kisses Lara’s skin. Below is the finished product of my Lightroom photo editing. Click on it to see it LARGE!


Keep it Simple

When editing photos like this, make sure you don’t over do it. Remember the goal is to enhance and not destroy the image by overdoing the final edit. I like the saying “Keep It Simple Stupid” or otherwise known as “KISS”.

When editing a photo, it will help if you try to recall the mood when you did the shoot.

  • How did you feel on the shoot?
  • Was it cold or hot?
  • Was it a serious or playful scene?
  • Was it a loud, outgoing, free spirited type of day?

Remembering the mood makes it a lot easier & more enjoyable for me to edit these images.

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Hope you enjoyed this tip. Please leave me comments below.
Cheers, Brent

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