Imagine Owning a Profitable Portrait Photography Business where You Only Work Part-Time & Earn 6 Figures Per Year!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee for 12 months

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    Over 6 hours, 59 short video-based lessons[/twocol_one_last][divider_flat]

Unlock the complete Photography-Business-Blueprint that consistently produces healthy profits & gives you the lifestyle your deserve!


Turn Your Hobby into Cash: You already love photography, so why not become your own boss and make a great living doing work that you enjoy?

Start Out Profitable from Day One: Don’t learn the hard way like I did. Let me show you exactly what works, and what doesn’t, so you can simply relax and succeed.

You Get Everything You Need: No need to reinvent the wheel. Just take my battle-tested checklists, forms, agreements, flyers, sales scripts, and use them in your own business for instant success.

Watch Me Work with Real Clients: Build your confidence by watching hours of video lessons where I take client after client through the photography sales process. Then simply model my process to comfortably work with your own clients.

Earn Huge Sales without “Selling”: If you you think it’s hard to get clients to spend $1000, $2000, or more, then you’ll be amazed when you see my clients happily placing large orders. (My average sale is $1500 per photo shoot).
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Do Work That People Love You For: The best thing about a profitable photography business? Seeing the joy on your clients’ faces when they pick up their photos. Nothing beats that feeling.

[divider_flat]What You’ll Learn in this Photography Business Course

How to attract the right clients – the secret to marketing that works.

How to convert your leads into clients, & how to set their expectations for a win-win relationship.

Which images to present to your client and how to polish their images to WOW them.

How to make your ordering presentation fun & easy, where everyone has an awesome experience.

How to produce the prints for your clients, and how to track your production so that nothing gets lost.

How to surprise and impress your client with their prints at the order pickup and leave a lasting impression.

How to get clients to refer their friends to you, ensuring a steady stream of effortless new income.

How to optimize your business to suit your lifestyle. Work less & earn more!


[hr]What is included in this course?

This course is broken up into 8 major portrait photography business sections:


Part 1: Prelude

“Start with the end in mind” Your goals, mindset and other important things that are essential to become successful!

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Overall view of your business & how it all works – what part do you need to focus on right now?

Why run a successful profitable portrait business & where do you want to end-up? How to measure success.

The right mindset is key to your success in this business. Successful people all think the same way![/twocol_one_last][divider_flat]

Part 2: Client Attraction:

How to attract your perfect clients – marketing that works!

How to attract the right clients to you – Marketing that works (and doesn’t work any more).

Your website & branding and how people perceive you – and what to do about it.

Download my marketing templates and letters (8 years of testing – all yours)

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Part 3: Client Conversion:

How to set your client’s expectations – and find out if your client is right for you.

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What to say when someone calls (phone scripting that works!)

How to prepare your clients for a big sale – setting their expectations & showing them the value of working with you.

How to WOW your client when they first meet you!

Pricing and packages that consistently perform profitably for you.

Why a deposit is an essential step, and how to get your clients to hand it over.



Part 4: The Photo Shoot

How to choose the best images for your presentation – edit them – and present them.

Which images to present to your client

How to edit these images to make them look amazing

How to Present their images in the right way- first impressions are what count!

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Part 5: The Ordering Presentation

How to prepare and run an ordering presentation that gets you results.

Ordering[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
3 real-life case studies – watch as real clients spend thousands on their images and walk away loving the whole experience!

Before the ordering presentation – 3 key things that need to happen to ensure success.

How to prepare your studio for the presentation – download my checklist

My proven 8-step-system for successful presentations, and how you can simply follow my checklist and achieve the same results.

How I made over $5000 in one day – and filmed it!

Overcoming objections & the one key thing to do right after the client has left your studio (if you forget to do this, there will be problems!)



Part 6: Production

How to produce the final prints and products for your client.

Watch how a real order goes into production and how the prints end up ready for the client to pickup.

Keep track of all your production in an easy graphical way (that’s FREE too!)

Systems and processes to save you time and headaches

Watch a real order being produced – from edit, to final prints in my studio.

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Part 7: Order Pickup

How to prepare for the pickup, and how to get your clients to refer their friends to you. Watch a real order pickup too.

OrderPickup[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]


How to impress your client with their final prints & products

How to get your clients to sing your praises, and refer their friends to you for a photo shoot.

Interview with a real client after receiving prints – find out how this business touches peoples lives in a positive way.



Part 8: Bonus Lessons

Take the next steps to really optimize your business – work less and make more! Practical steps you can take now in your business to make more profit.

How to spot trends in your business – where to focus your attention.

Urgent and Important – what should you do first and what to ignore!

How to Double your Profit in 60 days

How to cut your workweek in half – and still make the same profit. (Love this one – means you have an extra 2 days free every week!)

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[hr]Feedback on This Course


I’m amazed at Brent’s honesty in telling us what marketing hasn’t worked for him as well as the ones that have worked. The system that gets him 80% of his bookings is the one that I’ll be trying first.   Warren Marshall Pro Photographer – Imagine Studios
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I feel, like many other photographers, that one of the key areas that I really need to brush-up on is the actual business side. My advice to photographers: Do this course! Save yourself the years, save yourself the heart-ache. Take this step and really push your business forward. Thanks Brent!   Simon Whittaker Pro Photographer – Coffs Harbour
[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]
Brent gives you such honest and clear information covering all aspects of running a Portrait Photography studio. He shares his insight and experience, plus steps you can take to implement changes in your own business. I know I will be referring back to these videos again and again.   Kelly McAllister Marmong Point, Newcastle
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100% Money-Back Guarantee for 12 Months

I’m so sure you are going to love this course. Try out this video course for a full year, and if you are not totally happy with the product, then I’ll refund your purchase price – no hassle. There is No-Risk to you.

Portrait Photography for Profit: The Complete Photo-Business Course

Get Started Today – Over 6 hours, 59 short video-based lessons.

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You get instant lifetime access to these online videos when you buy. Watch them any time you want, as often as you want, in full-screen HD quality.

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