Hi guys! Today I want to show you some Behind-the-Scene secret look at how we created the Ultimate Landscape Photography Course.

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Highlights from this video:
0:29 Funny Moments
1:35 Essential Software
1:53 Trello
5:12 Wistia
7:40 Sony Vegas
10:13 Google Hangouts

Funny moments behind the scenes 🙂

Jay, Varina, Johny and I had so much fun recording this course – you have to check out the funny bits in this video above. I love the bit where Jay and Varina try to speak Australian!

Sneak Peak

Want to take a Sneak Peak at the pre-released course? Click here…

Essential software to manage the team!

The four essential pieces of software that we use to manage this course are:

How do we know who is doing what?



We use Trello to organize the five people working on the Ultimate Landscape Photography course. We live in three different time zones and three different continents; and thus we’re all working at different times of the day. Johny and I are in Australia, Jay and Varina are in the USA, and then we have Russel who lives in Scotland.

Jay, Russel, and I are cutting some of the videos, while Jay and Varina are adding comments and still images to make sure the videos look awesome by the time you guys get to watch them – and help you become better landscape photographers.

Trello is a really cool piece of software. You can list down several tasks to help you keep track of the necessary things needed to be done. You can also leave comments on each card and even tag people to notify them that you left a comment for them. I strongly recommend that you test it out if you need to organize and manage a team working on a single project.


another essential website we use is…



The second software that we use is Wistia, a place where we upload our videos and you guys get to watch them. Unlike YouTube, Wistia is a private place where only the people who signed-up for the course can actually view the videos. As of the moment, we have already uploaded quite a few lessons that you guys can take a look at.

How do we edit these videos?

Sony Vegas


Of course, we have Sony Vegas, which is the video editing software that we use to create these amazing videos. There are a lot of things happening when filming and editing a video. We actually use two video cameras and sometimes, you get two different audio sources too. We link up the videos and make sure they’re synchronized through the different settings and options in Sony Vegas.

How do we communicate in real time?

Google Hangouts


Lastly, we use Google Hangouts to update each other and make sure that we’re all on track, and that we’re doing the right things for this course.

I hope you enjoyed this little BTS secret look at how we’re managing this huge course, which is going to be awesome by the time we get it out in the coming weeks.

Do leave your comments below and I’ll be sure to respond to them. 

This is Brent, have a great day!

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