Watch this video soldier – you will not regret it! At-Ease…

Highlights of this video:

0:20 – Mean looking photo-revolutionaries (slomo turn)
0:33 – CF card “ammunition”
0:47 – Johny – looking mean with his camera gear
0:52 – Epic lounge jump (no stunt-doubles were used)
1:06 – Green zone (safe place for photographers)

The Photo-Learning Revolution Has Begun…

So what do you think about the promo video?
Did you have a chuckle?
We had so much fun creating it – just for you 😉
Find out more about the Photography Learning Revolution and how you can benefit from it (improve your photography, become inspired, get positive feedback on your images and meet other photographers just like you).

Behind the Scenes

Here is an image my daughter (10 years old) took of me just after filming the revolution video:
I setup the camera for her, and after quite a few shots, we got on in-focus.
This was shot in the shade, with some shrubs behind me, natural light using my 135mm f2.0 lens and my full-frame Canon 5D III camera. The next image is the grungy revolution image that Johny shows you how to edit in LR below – check it out.
PhotoRevolution-Brent1280 thumbnail2
Click the images above to see them LARGE!

Here is a video tutorial that Johny made about how he post-processed that main “Hero-shot” for this video. Click here to checkout Johny’s Blog.

Creating that Grunge look in Lightroom

In this video you’ll learn how to create the gritty grunge look to your portraits in Lightroom.

Highlights of this video:

00:54 The Revolution trailer
02:52 Changing the white balance
04:05 Changing the crop
04:25 Adjusting the highlights and shadows
04:35 Setting the black and white points
05:10 Adding de-saturation
05:21 Adding clarity
05:43 Relighting the scene with the radial filter
07:17 Dodge and burn with the brush tool
08:33 Local adjustment with the brush tool
09:20 Adding the vignette
09:40 Recapping the full workflow

Thanks for showing us how to do that Johny.

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