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How To Become a Better Photographer Even Faster

Have you heard about the Share-Inspire-Create Lounge?

It’s my private photography community packed with over $500 in premium photography courses designed to help you quickly learn and master your photography. I’m in there every day (along with hundreds of other great photographers) to answer all your questions and help you improve fast.

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I’m in the lounge every day, answering questions and adding more courses.



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Improve Your Photography, get  Inspired & Connect with Passionate Photographers (just like you)!

[hr]Get Results Faster & Master your Photography

  • Join the photo-learning revolution! No more feeling overwhelmed with way too much information.
  • Workshop style learning, you get to learn at your pace, and ask questions & get results much faster!
  • Get answers from photography mentors & experts.

Instant Access to High Value Training

  • Immediate access to our best photography courses and e-books.
    ($500 worth of photography courses – and more to come!)
  • Brand-new training is added constantly. Something new every month!
  • Photography training is tailored to your needs – you decide what you want to master next!

Get Inspired & Motivated

  • Creative people need inspiration to keep photographing & learning – this is the place to get it.
  • Inspiration section dedicated to keeping you inspired and your creative juices flowing.
  • Connect with other inspirational photographers, who share their passion for photography with you.
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Feedback on The Lounge


In love with the Lounge Thoroughly enjoying being part of this community.Everyone very supportive and encouraging. So many of the images being posted are excellent and absolutely the sort of images I aspire to being able to capture myself someday. I’ve learned a lot in that short time and can learn so much from everyone here.    Sarah Rodriguez-Martinez
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Sarah [/one_sixth_last]
Improve your craft This has been a great environment for learning and sharing.The individuals here at the SIC lounge want nothing more than to help you improve your photography craft. The energy that Brent and Johnny bring to the Lounge will teach and inspire you to push yourself further   Matthew Shipp
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