Visual Wilderness Subscriber Sunset Gift

Visual Wilderness Subscriber Sunset Gift

We love you at Visual Wilderness – that is why I’m including this popular Sunset Photography Course for you, for FREE! It’s worth $47

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Everything you ever wanted to know about How to Photograph an Amazing Sunset.

How to Capture Amazing Sunset Images.

Come along with me and I”ll show you everything you need to know, to capture this amazing sunsets. Never miss another beautiful sunset again. Your friends and family will be so impressed by your creativity.

Capturing a sunset can be frustrating

Are you frustrated with the dull-looking sunset photos you are getting with you digital SLR camera? Have you seen an amazing sunset, photographed it and then when you got home were disappointed in the final images – that looked nothing like the impressive sunset you just witnessed?

“Where is the best place to photograph sunsets, what camera gear should I bring along, what camera settings are best & how do I edit these images so that they look awesome?” If you have ever asked any of these questions then this course is definitely for you.


You too can capture Amazing Sunset Images like these – I will show you how!

How to Capture Amazing Sunset Photographs – Video Training Course

What you learn in this amazing video Series:

By the end of this program you will be able to photograph a sunset like a professional

7 Videos and over 65 minutes of content

Original images from the shoot – download them and edit along with me.

Right equipment needed

Getting ready for the sunset photo shoot, what to bring along

Choosing the best location to photograph – things to consider

Using the HDR technique to capture a sunset image

Using the Long Exposure technique to capture the sunset

Tips and Tricks for tack-sharp images – even when it’s dark!

Download and create the HDR image from 3 separate images

How to edit these images to really make them stand out

More post processing tips & tricks

How to share these images for maximum impact and interaction

Long Exposure Sunset

I will teach you how to photograph an Amazing Sunset – my way, creating the most amazing, visually stunning images every single time.

My Sunset Photography System – it works!

Come along with me on a real sunset photo shoot, where I show you what works when it comes to photographing sunsets. Use my system to create amazing sunset images every single time.

This step-by-step video series covers the following: The equipment, location, techniques and tricks for capturing the sunset, HDR, Long Exposure, post processing and then sharing these images online – and getting a great response!

I have even included my original images from this shoot – download and edit along with me.

Short & Sweet Videos Lessons

Included are 7 short videos (average length 4-10 minutes), quiz’s and original images that you can edit step by step with me.

Easy Self-Paced Learning

Take this course at your own pace, come back and re-watch sections if you like, or watch the entire course in one-go. It’s recommended that you watch one section at a time and then go out and practice what you have learned.

If you have ever wanted to know the secrets to capturing amazing sunset images, then this course is for you. I reveal all of my techniques here – nothing has been left out.

Recommend taking my Essential Photography Skills Course (Introduction to digital SLR photography) before taking this course, unless you already know the basics of how your camera works.

Are you ready to take your sunset photography to the next level?

100% Money-Back Guarantee for 12 Months

I’m so sure you are going to love this course. Try out this video course for a full year, and if you are not totally happy with the product, then I’ll refund your purchase price – no hassle. There is No-Risk to you. How is that for a guarantee?

Start Learning How to Capture Amazing Sunsets Now.

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Enjoy this course. Brent



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