How to make that boring (but beautiful) landscape scene into something to talk about.

Hey guys! Brent here with part 8 of my 7 part Quick Tip series: Photographing Waterfalls and Streams. Yep, you read that right: part 8 of 7. This is a bonus tip for you!

When you’re out photographing in nature, it’s a necessity to have a point of interest for your photographs. Otherwise, they can end up looking like snapshots, which is a bit boring.

We’ve all had it happen; you get out to a beautiful landscape and just cannot find a compelling point of interest! So what do you do when this happens?

Watch to find out how you can get that amazing shot you know is out there.

In this episode

(00:15) – Create your own point of interest

Making a Point…of Interest!

For those times I’ve been lacking a natural point of interest, the best solution I’ve found is to make my own! in some cases like the one in the video, I was lucky and found one that someone else had already made. But if you’re not so lucky, get creative.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Look around you to see what you can come up with. Or if you know you may need something beforehand, plan ahead and bring it with you!


Learn to take Amazing Landscape Pictures in Just 14 Days!


  • When out in nature, you can create your own point of interest
  • Look for unique “props” that can serve as a focal point for your photo
  • Use a wide angle lens and get close
  • Bring your own objects to place in the scenery

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