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Travel Photo Tip – Beach & Kids

How do you go from an average image using a point-and-shoot camera to an extra ordinary image taken with the same camera? Stick with me and I’ll show you a couple of techniques and secrets I’ve used while shooting my daughter and her friends.

Highlights from this video:
0:30 Photographing with a point ‘n shoot camera
0:45 First technique: Angle View
1:09 Second technique: Fill Flash

Turn an Average Image into Something Extraordinary

I’m using a point-and-shoot camera while on a holiday with my family, and I want to show you how I took an average image in automatic mode and turn it into an extraordinary, and interesting image by using a couple of simple techniques.
Above – Change you angle of view for a better photo. Below – Standing up straight – a normal – boring holiday snapshot.

Change Angle of View

The first technique I’ve used is I changed my angle of view:
  1. I change the angle where I photographed my daughter and her friends from. Instead of standing up straight photographing them like you would normally do.
  2. I bent my knees and get really low, and I get underneath the kids lower than they are and photograph them from a different angle.

Use Fill Flash in the Day

The second thing I used was the fill flash

  1. I took it out of automatic mode and placed it to time value mode or shutter speed mode, and I turn the flash on.
  2. I went low and I got the girls to do something like throw water on each other or throw water on someone’s back, even throwing water towards me.
I photographed them one shot only and I got these extraordinary shots.
Two Useful Techniques When Shooting with a Point ‘n Shoot Camera Outdoors
So those are two little techniques to use when you’re out shooting with a point ‘n shoot camera:
  1. Change your angle of view.
  2. Use fill flash out on the beach, in the bright sunlight. It just creates an extraordinary image.

I think when you show these images to the kids and to your friends, they’ll be super impressed.

Anyway, that’s another free photography tip. Don’t forget to leave your comments below and I’ll answer them personally.
Have a great day! Brent.


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