June sunset

How would you like to learn how to create pictures like this? We will be photographing this exact same scene at this workshop.

What are the skills I need to know to control my camera in manual mode?

What does aperture do? How about shutter speed?

When do I need a tripod?

What is the secrets to capturing great kids photos?

What lenses do I need for landscapes?

How should I hold my camera properly?

All of these question plus many more will be answered at this fun 6 week workshop, starting next Wednesday 29th Feb.

Call us on 02 4981 9659 to book your place. We only have a few spots left over.

How much will it cost to attend this hands-on workshop? We have a payment plan of only $65 per week for the 6 weeks, or you can save a little and pay for the course upfront for $380. Click here to book your spot

What do I get to keep, and take home?

You get to keep all your beautiful images that you shot, plus the knowledge of how to recreate these images.

Essential Skills eBook (printed & bound), with cheat sheet.

You get a free copy of Brent’s Essential Skills Digital SLR Video Training Series valued at $47, where you can watch and re-watch    each section so that you can get the most out of your time on this course.

Check out this short video from my last workshop:

How should I compose and images?
What are the rule of 3rds?

Here is the lineup for this 6 week workshop:

Week 1: How your camera works & Inspiration

Week 2: Exposure & Light & Studio Portrait Shoot

Week 3: Aperture, depth of field and Composition. Landscape sunset shoot.

Week 4: Shutter Speed, ISO and Action photography.

Week 5: Putting it all together. Portrait shoot outdoors and indoors. Shooting kids with Flash.

Week 6: Basic editing, printing, sharing images, display. Care for your equipment.

Call us on 02 4981 9659 to secure your place in this workshop.

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