What lens to use and why?

When you are out in nature – how do you know which lens you should choose so that you can capture the scene around you in the best way possible?

So in this video, I’m giving you a quick tip that will help you decide which one to use for your travel or landscape photography. Enjoy!

Highlights of this video:

0:27 – Checking out the place and determining what kind of shot should be done
0:42 – Trying out different lenses
1:13 – Using 17-40mm on a full frame camera to capture a wide angle image

How to select lens type?

To make sure you get the best shot, you need to prepare the following;
  • A full frame camera
  • A preferred spot or scenery for the shot
  •  A couple of your camera’s lenses
  • A tripod 
  • A fine-clothed towel to wipe off moisture (I use a Ninja white towel to clean my lenses) 
Having all of these things all ready and prepared, just follow these easy steps before your final set-up:
  1. Put your photography bag down in a secured and dry area.
  2. Try each of your lenses on by having a look through your camera.
    I used my 17-40mm lens on a full fame camera to capture a wider angle of the scenery. 
  3. Double check if your lenses are clean. Use a fine-clothed towel to wipe off moisture and dusts.
  4. Set-up your tripod in the best spot you have chosen and start taking photos.

Have Patience!

Easier said than done right? I know! Honestly, I get too excited when I find a perfect spot for a landscape photography and I just want to get at it right away but I’ve come to think of it. Every great artist or inventor spent so much time perfecting their craft. Imagine how much patience it took? I mean, just think about how many hours did Picasso spend perfecting his piece? Surely, we can take a few minutes just to test out a couple of lenses and see which one is best for the job right? So, patience, patience and a lot of patience. Check out these images…
2 1

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Yes, those are the product of my patience. Being under the sun and breathing in humidity just to be able to capture those images. What do you think? I hope this helps. feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.





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