Equipment Safety with Landscape Photography

Have you ever lost all of your camera gear? I’ve dropped a few things – and it’s not a good feeling when you smash a lens or camera, or even worse – lose it all in the water.

Watch this video for a quick tip on how to keep your gear safe.

Highlights of this video:

0:34 – Location and setup
0:40 – Gear safety tip

Don’t be sorry!

You’ve invested a lot of money into your photography equipment. What should you do to make sure it stays safe when you are out in the wilderness shooting?


See how the footing of my tripod is at the very edge of the pathway? That’s something you should avoid. If you find yourself in an area like this and you don’t have a choice, make sure you are right there holding on to your tripod making sure that it doesn’t fall off when somebody walks pass you or you bump your tripod by mistake.


Again, always remember to…

  • Never let go of your tripod
  • Make sure the legs aren’t right on the edge

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