First Thunderstorm of the season, and it was intense!!!

A massive thunder storm came rolling through our area in the late afternoon and managed to knock out the power whilst I was in a planning meeting with one of my clients. After the meeting – the sun was about 15 minutes from sunset and I took my daughter (Brooke 5yrs old) down to birubi beach with me, she rode her bike and I walked with my tripod over my shoulder and camera slung around my neck.


We got down to the beach and were hit by the first wave of light rain. Brooke and I hid under a shelter at the park close to the beach. I was itching to get onto the beach and rock cause I could see the crimson glow of the setting sun starting to do its thing.
Rain stopped, we ran down, set up my tripod and started shooting HDR (3 exposures) to capture the highlights plus shadows. What an awesome sight. Storm clouds catching the last light of the sunset. Love it when nature shows its beauty like this.

Brooke was getting nervous with the thunder and lightning all around us. By this time I was on the rocks and she was still on the beach with her bike. The sunset was awesome, with pink light touching the storm clouds and lighting everywhere. I was in my element shooting as much as I could.


After much pleading from her to go home, there was a huge clap of thunder and she burst into tears. I jumped off the rocks, gave her a big hug and told her it would all be fine and we would run home.

Just then the heavens opened up and I had to carry her bike plus all my gear (camera hanging around my neck – under my shirt) and we made a dash for home. The storm was right above us and there were claps of thunder. Brooke ran next to me with her hands over her ears. Wished I could have photographed her – but I was going as fast as I could carrying all the gear.

We made it home, drenched. Both brooke and I were happy to be back. I gave her another hug after she changed into some dry clothes. Time to clean/dry my camera too.

Managed to get some great images, but would have liked to stay longer and get some super long exposures. Oh well, maybe next time I’ll go on my own.


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