What to do when things go BAD!

Have you ever had some weird object appear on your image when you’re doing landscape photography – especially long exposure landscape photography which involves very slow shutter speeds? This happened to me recently, What the ….?
Checkout this video.

Highlights of this video:

0:39 – What causes unwanted exposure
0:55 – How to prevent light leakage

Eliminating Light Leakage

Sometimes when you’re shooting landscape photography, you will experience this weird phenomenon. At the correct angle the suns rays will get between your filters and illuminate the dust specks on the 10 stop ND filter and cause these spots! It’s called light bleeding. SUCKS!!!


Here’s the fix…

Do this:

  • Shade the filter with your hand or cloth
  • Shade the eyepiece with your hand too – (stops light leakage into the sensor)
  • Turn you camera at a different angle

Yes, it is also possible to get light leakage through the eyepiece and straight into the sensor. So, when you put your hand over the filter and the eyepiece, you are preventing any unwanted light from bleeding through. I learned this from Varina Patel (she rocks!).

Below are the images I took with my hand over the filter and the eyepiece.


Much better hey?

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