Why a Quick Grip Tripod Head Works Best for Landscape Photography

Hey guys! Brent here with part four of my seven part Quick Tip series: Photographing Water and Streams.

Today, I’m in Dorrigo National Park shooting the Crystal Shower Falls and I have a
game changing equipment tip for photographing landscapes: Use a quick grip tripod head! You may find them called pistol grip head as well.

Why? Watch this video and find out!

Most versatile tripod head

Why is this the best head to use? Simply put: because you can change from landscape to portrait orientation in the blink of an eye. As long as it takes you to squeeze the trigger and flip the camera’s orientation is all you need. As you can see in the video, that is about 2 seconds!

Another beneficial feature to look for is a quick release which will allow you to remove your camera from the tripod in just a few seconds as well.

Where to get one

If you’re interested in the tripod head I use in the video, you can find it here. It is a Manfrotto 322RC2 Horizontal Grip Action Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect.


Which tripod head do you use when photographing landscapes?


Learn to take Amazing Landscape Pictures in Just 14 Days!

Let me know in the comments section below. I love reading your stories!

Thanks for watching! If you want to see the other parts of this quick tip series:
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