Some of you may not know, but I started my photography career as a sports photographer.

I even took a workshop from one of the top US sports photographer at the time, in Colorado. I think this is when I got hooked on photography.

I was lucky enough to shoot a number of major events, including the US Snowboaring finals in Aspen, the Quicksilver Pro Surfing event at Snapper Rocks in Australia and a major tennis events in Sydney. Since then I have shot a number of surfing and football events – mainly for media (newspapers and magazines). I tell you, it’s a rush when you have the newspaper editor calling you wanting an image before dealine:)

action surfing photography

I’ve even almost drowned while shooting surfers from the water. Not good.

The best of the best in Sports Photography.

This video shows what it takes to cover a major event, maybe the biggest event ever, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. I was not there, but these guys take sports photography to a whole new level, my hat off to them.


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