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Are you ready to take the step and start building your photography business?

In this PhotoProfit show I talk about my new 8 week photography business course that starts soon. How to make your first 5 thousand dollars in photography.

This course is different from all others out there because of these 3 things:

  1. You learn just the things you need to know (and are not overwhelmed)
  2. You take action each week (which means results follow shortly)
  3. I’m here to hold you accountable and coach you.

In this show I dive deep into what’s in this new 8-week-course and how you can achieve real results in your photography business.

In this episode:
00:56 – How to make your first few thousand dollars in photography
01:01 – Come up with a solution – 8 week course
02:11 – What’s the goal of this course?
03:12 – Ways you can make money out of photography
06:09 – Why create this 8 week course?
07:38 – How do we get results?
10:18 – How the 8 week course works?


Photo Profit – business of photography

How to make your first few thousand dollars in photography?

solution – My photoprofit 8 week course

What’s the goal of this course?

  1. you learn the right things each week
  2. take the correct action each week
  3. let someone hold you accountable to getting your goals

Ways you can make money out of photography

  1. wedding photography
  2. portrait photography
  3. commercial photography

Why create the 8 week course?

  • take action for 8 weeks
  • get results

How do we get results?

  • minimum things you need to know
  • work on the minimum actions that we need to take
  • ensure that you take these actions and get these results

80/20 principle – 20% of the things you’re doing are producing 80% of the results that you’re getting

DSSS Principle

  • deconstructs something
  • he selects the 20% to focus on
  • sequencing what order should you learn
  • stakes or what are the consequences

How the 8 week course works?

  • photography gear
  • camera settings
  • location
  • who you are photographing
  1. week one – build a solid foundation for your business
  2. week two – solving their big problem
  3. week three – how to convert prospects to clients
  4. week four – what your website should look like
  5. week five – attracting the right clients
  6. week six – making money and selling
  7. week seven – amazing photoshoot and fast delivery
  8. week eight – achieving results

What are the consequences?

  • work a lot less
  • made the same amount of profit

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