Attracting clients through a book project with an average sale of $1000 per client!

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Bernie Griffiths is my special guest in today’s episode.

In today’s show, we’re going to do a case study on one of Bernie’s clients in New Zealand, Kim who’s doing a horse book project. It’s a really smart way getting a great PR in your community; giving back to charity and creating something that gets clients walking through your door. 

The interesting part about this horse project is that Kim is doing a lot of it remotely. She’s not running the planning session face to face nor doing the sales presentation the same way; she does these all online. And guess what she’s manages to make? Over $1000 on average per client.

Let’s find out how we can make this happen in your photography business.


In this episode:
(04:20) – Why decide to go on a different niche?
(05:21) – The whole process of setting up horse photography
(14:32) – Secrets to selling online
(16:09) – Overcoming objections
(18:49) – Attracting clients
(25:55) – Pricing & packages
(30:55) – Book images and pricing
(34:25) – Scarcity on selling on a limited time
(36:09) – Biggest challenges on putting together the book project


Episode Highlights:

Why decide to go on a different niche?

  • Book was very successful
  • Kim was so flat out
  • Same genre and becomes repetitious
  • Bring the enthusiasm and challenges back

The whole process of setting up horse photography:

  • Find a charity
    • Horse charity
    • Save horses from bad treatment
  • Target the people you go to
    • The businesses
    • The people who will help you
    • Finding partners
  • Baseline – fundraiser for a charity
    • Attraction to people
    • Drives clients to you
  • Getting a client
    • Photo shoot
    • Make sales

Secrets to selling online:

  • Be upfront with the customers
  • Lead conversion is the key

Overcoming objections:

  • By being upfront with the consumers
  • Telling them their expectations
  • Dealing with different genre of people

Attracting clients:

  • Get a charity
  • Email charity members
    • Keep it very simple
    • About the charity and the book
    • Call to action
  • Charity Facebook post
  • Contact any groups connected to horses
    • Ask them to email their members
    • Put out a banner in their clinics
    • Any displays that you can show your photography
    • Putting some fliers and posters in shop windows
    • Newspapers

Pricing & packages:

  • It’s all about profit
  • Not about high sales
  • Based on digital files and prints
  • 3 collections/packages

Book images and pricing:

  • Images will be chosen by the designer of the book
  • Not allowing the customer pick which image
  • Book price is separate from the package

Scarcity on selling on a limited time:

  • Limited to 40
  • Do it properly to get 40

Biggest challenges on putting together the book project:

  • Lost motivation on herself
  • Run out of ideas
  • Needed a kick out of the butt to get moving
  • Lacks self-esteem and belief in herself
  • Feels he’s not worthy

Actions steps:

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