David shares his story of how he created his publishing empire, Craft & Vision, and helps you discover your unique value so you can live an inspired life.

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In today’s episode, I have a special guest that I am honored to have interviewed: David duChemin from Craft & Vision. He is an amazing and inspirational photographer and entrepeneur who travels the world, using his business success as a vehicle to give back to the world via humanitarian work.

Have a listen now as David shares the story of how he created his publishing empire, Craft & Vision, which has grown to over 20 authors and more than 100 eBooks. He also shares ideas on finding the unique value only you have to offer, and how to live an inspired life.

In this episode:

(01:21) – How David started his publishing company, Craft & Vision
(04:48) – The Big WHY
(08:04) – How David dealt with the competition
(10:52) – How you can create another income stream
(17:29) – Examples of “What’s your value?” and “Who is your audience?”
(20:34) – How you can find out what your unique value is




Episode Highlights:

eBook: Here>>>
Website: Here>>>
Craft & Vision Site: Here>>>

How David started his publishing company, Craft & Vision:

  • Travel and make money
  • As an assignment photographer
  • Created an eBook as an experiment
  • Put on the market for $5
  • Has grown to over 100 titles and 20 authors

The Big WHY:

  • Had an accident
  • Desired a secondary income stream
  • Need to keep going and creating
  • Increased scalability over that in traditional photography assignment work

How David dealt with the “competition”:

  • There is no competition. The field is big enough for all
  • If you’re like everyone else then you have competition
  • Be clear about who your audience is
  • Serve your audience in a way that is unique to you
  • Create the best product you can
  • Don’t go where everyone else is
  • Figure out where the other players are not – and go there
  • Be a standout in the market by evolving strategies

How someone can create another income stream:

  • Identify your value to the world
  • Know what you have
  • Understand who your potential audience is
  • Figure out what you’re really good at
  • Find out who wants that thing that only you can provide
  • Be streamlined in who you serve
  • Ask yourself, “How do I want to meet those needs?” “What makes me happy?”
  • Be careful about assigning cookie cutter processes and roadmaps to success

Examples of David’s value and audience:

  • Mediator between artist and geek
  • An educator who encourages people to live the best life they can
  • Combines information and inspiration
  • Audience: those who can face their fears and move beyond them
  • Audience: those who can go for the things that they long to go for
  • Audience: those who are looking to evolve in their artistry

How you can find out what you’re unique value is:

  • Ask people around you, “What’s the value I bring to you?”
  • Friends and family often have a much clearer assessment of your gifts and talents
  • Assess what you already love to do – this is usually what you are good at
  • Listen to input openly and with humility

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