Learn How Overcoming Fear Translates into Gaining Confidence and Generating Success

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Today I am speaking with Gayle Loewen from Canada. She shares her story about her experience as a PhotoProfit student and how she overcame fear, gained confidence, and how doing so helped boost her photography business. She discusses how being open to opportunities can help you get to that next level and give you “permission for your passion to soar.” 

Gayle is an amazing person who has so much to share about her success as well as life itself. She shares her story with me of how she stepped out of that proverbial comfort zone and how this impacted her business. 

Lastly, we discuss why it’s good to slow down, treasure life, and give yourself  “permission for your passion to soar”.

Enjoy! Brent.

In this episode:
(02:20) – How she made more money in the first quarter
(04:33) – How she overcame fear, gained confidence
(18:05) – How the course helped Gayle’s business
(24:08) – Actions steps for someone who is starting


Episode Highlights:

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How Gayle made more money in the first quarter than all of last year:

  • Had a couple of jobs lined up ahead of time
  • Growing as a photographer/business 3-4 years
  • Became more confident
  • Had an idea of goals and what to offer to people
  • Tools to advertise better

How Gayle overcame fear and gained confidence:

  • Good fortune combined with learning from the course
  • Starting the course and starting to think for myself as a photographer
  • Accepted an invitation to join an art show, outside of my comfort zone
  • Took good pictures, but didn’t consider myself a photographer
  • Not having confidence is fear
  • Feel the fear of rejection and breakthrough that fear
  • Ask what is on the other side of the fear to help breakthrough it
  • Have friends and family for encouragement and accountability
  • Had great success in my art show – sold 14/20 prints
  • Got some business as a result of the show, made connections

How the course helped Gayle’s business:

  • Identifying my BIG picture and the WHY of what I’m doing
  • Affirm the value of people
  • Have a goal to let people realize that life is a gift
  • Help people appreciate life

Actions steps for someone who is starting:

  • WHY?
    • Why are you intrigued by taking pictures
    • Why is this an avenue that speaks to you
  • Identify your WHY
    • Serves as a healthy fuel to keep going
    • Gives permission for your passion to soar
  • Push through the fear
    • Everything you want is on the other side of fear
    • Walk through fear very gently
    • Start by putting things out there
    • Don’t be afraid to share why it matters to you

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