How to get your photography business up and running fast, using Facebook Ads

In this 3 part series, we discuss how to go from 0 to earning your first few $$$ in your photography business using Facebook Ads to attract leads and then convert them into customers. Bernie shares his smart system for going pro!

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Hey Guys, Brent here. Welcome back to another Photo Profit podcast. Today, we are going to talk about how to go pro using Facebook Ads and I’ve got the world’s number 1 photography business coach with me, Bernie Griffiths.

In this episode:

(2:29) – Success of the Facebook Ads
(5:13) – Convenience of Portrait Photography
(5:49) – Business Photography as your own game
(6:42) – How Facebook Ad works

Bernie’s Website: HERE>>>
PhotoProfit 8 Week Course: HERE>>>

Episode Highlights:

Success of the Facebook Ads

  • Generate the leads
  • Go into the family’s home
  • Sets up a simple backdrop
  • Shoots the customers
  • Shows customer the images
  • Sells the images straight away
  • You don’t need a studio
  • You just need good systems

Convenience of Portrait Photography

  • Gives you the ability to be in control
  • You can work your own hours
  • You lay your ground rules down
  • You develop your own systems
  • You create your own game

Business Photography as your own game

  • Change the rules cause it’s your game
  • Make sure that you win and the clients win

REAL Results with Facebook Ads

  • A boosted ad is the right way to do a Facebook ad
    • 223 likes, 396 comments, 103 shares
    • 38,074 total people reached
    • 31,927 reached organically and 6,265 paid reach
    • Photographer spent just $50 for the ad
    • This is REAL value for the $50 spent!

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