Have you ever wondered what it takes to create stunning model images, or what happens behind the scenes on a model shoot? If so then read more…

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Becky was a grand finalist in the miss surfest modelling competition from earlier this year. She came up to Port Stephens to plan the shoot 2 weeks before and showed me the images she already had in her portfolio. We discussed the images she still needed then found a few inspirational shots online. From there we booked in a date, hair and makeup people and hoped for good weather.

The weather was perfect here in Anna Bay – Port Stephens. Both Becky and I were well rested….most people don’t understand the energy that needs to be put into a shoot to have a positive outcome – both from the model and photographer.


After having her hair and makeup done (Makeup by Elle), we did the studio shoot first with a black background. Makes sense cause Becky is blonde, and I wanted a nice clean background. We were focusing on Beckys great looks, as well as showing off some of the jewellery that Alisha brought over from Bayside Jewellers.

We were looking for the “just jeans” look. There were 3 woman plus me in the studio, so I stepped out while Becky got pampered and was comfortable enough to be photographed (had her hands in the right places). We tried a few poses, I adjusted the lighting to give a more artisitc look with soft lighting on her right hand side but dark shadow on her left. I also used the kicker light behind her left side to accentuate her great mid section. Becky is a natural poser (comes from experience) and after she got comfortable with me in the room, there wasn’t too much instruction from me. I noticed she liked the glamour poses.


Once we had the right shots from the studio, we headed for the sand dunes about 5 minutes drive from my studio here in Anna Bay. This is one of my favourite places to shoot, every time I go there they have changed. We hiked up the tallest dune carrying clothing, jewellery, camera equipment plus my off-camera lighting kit. This lighting kit is key to creating stunning images when shooting into the sun and after the sun sets. Notice all of my images have side lighting.

We tried a few poses, then I asked Becky to dance and jump for me. Loved the shots we got with the last light from the sun touching the clouds in the background plus my off-camera lights illuminating Becky in a flattering side lighting angle.

Got Alex to edit all the images, giving our unique “Capture Imaging Look” by darkening the edges and sometimes adding a tone to the images, as well as skin softening and general touch-ups. Great job Alex.
Below are a few more images from the dunes. I also included a silhouette to show what the image looks like without the artificial lighting.
Thanks to Rosie for holding the lights, Alisha for the jewellery, Eleanor for the makeup and Alex for the post editing and most importantly Becky for the energy and positive vibe you brought to the shoot….it shows in the images. I’m looking forward to the next time we shoot, got any crazy ideas?
I love working with people that are passionate about what they do. Like the crew that work with me -Rosie, Alex, Alisha and Eleanor are all passionate people and love their roles. Becky is a model who will go places because she is driven and passionate about her modelling.




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