Why use a diffuser when shooting a model in the sun?

To get those really polished, professional-looking images that you see in magazines, you need to diffuse the light on a model when you are outdoors in direct sunlight.
Watch this quick video on how to properly diffuse direct sunlight on your model to get much better images!
Watch out for the Photobomber at the end! 🙂

Highlights of this video:
0:30 – Tips on how to diffuse the light
0:58 – The difference between harsh light and a diffused light on a model
1:12 – Photobomb! (Rod did not too impressed!)

How to Diffuse Light

It’s pretty easy to do:

  1. Find a large piece of material to diffuse the light (pro diffusers are not that expensive, but you can use any other material too.
  2. Make sure the model body is totally in shade and no sun it touching her body.
  3. Hold it still and try not to get in the shot!

Spot the difference!

Look at these photos below. Have a look at the difference between an undiffused, harsh light on a model and a diffused light on a model?
Which one is better?

without_diffuser with_diffuser

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

Cheers, Brent

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Model: Natasha Selkrig
Still Photography: Damian Lloyd of seasaltstudios.com
Makeup and Styling: Kara Murphy of beautifyme.com.au 

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