Hi, my name is Brent Mail and I wanted to personally welcome you.

Please watch this video – there are some cool things I would love to tell you…

Thanks for watching this video.

This mini-photography course is going to be fun

Thank you for signing up to this mini photography course and thanks for signing up to my photography community. This course is going to be fun. You’re going to learn a lot about photography and hopefully, I’ll inspire you to get out there and take more photos.

What’s in this mini-photography course?

  • How to hold your camera correctly
  • Using the correct tripod
  • A little bit on Exposure
  • Behind the scenes of some of my photoshoots
  • Show you some inspirational images that will get you out when shooting with your own camera

There is something in here for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you just got your first DSLR camera, a consumer SLR camera, or maybe you got your professional digital camera that you’ve had for a couple of years. There’s something in this course for everyone.

One new email every 5 days

You will get training videos every 5 to 7 days, I’ll also going to be sending out once-a-week video on some news items on photography. Sometimes, you might get two videos in one day, but that’s very unlikely.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for any special photography deals – when I find a good one online I will send it your way.

Please leave comments on all these videos and these training blogs that I’ve put together. I always reply to comments; I love hearing feedback from you.

Casual style of teaching

I hope you enjoy my casual style of teaching and I just wanted to thank you again for signing up to my photography community. I’m sure you’re going to love these videos coming your way.

I look forward to teaching you everything I know about photography. Enjoy the ride.

You get your first video tomorrow!

Your first video comes out tomorrow and it’s all about how to hold your camera correctly.

Anyway, this is Brent. I hope you enjoy this video course. Have a great day!

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