Welcome to a Special Edition of Photo BootCamp Magazine!

This magazine is dedicated to everyone who joined me on the very first BootCamp Safari to Africa in May 2019.

You made this incredible trip happen. Your company and the adventures we had together has impacted me more than any other trip I’ve taken in my life.
I’d like to take this chance to sincerely thank you – you rock!

I asked each member to give me a handful of their best images to go into this magazine – a very difficult task when each of us shot many thousands of great images.
I also asked for stories, so that we can remember this trip forever.

This magazine is the “highlight reel” from this trip.

Enjoy. Brent

Special Edition Photo BootCamp Magazine!

On the following pages, see what our BootCamp Safari members have created!

In this issue you’ll discover:

  • Photo Tips
  • Top African Photo’s from each person
  • Safari Stories
  • Black & White Elephant series
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Behind the Scenes images

(Larger file for desktop or iPad).

Alternatively if you have a slower connection you can view this magazine Here on ISSUU.

I hope you enjoyed some of these amazing safari images from our members and that they’ve inspired you to go on your own Africa Safari.

Join me in Africa next year?

If you’d like to join my next BootCamp Safari to Africa – then leave me a comment below (or hit reply in your email and let me know).

Enjoy, Brent

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